Solar Sun Rings

Once again we are talking about new solar pool heating ideas. In the case it is the Solar Sun Rings. These have been around for a few years now with different manufacturers now selling different styles. They are all essentialluy the same, a plastic ring wrapped in plastic.

Do they work?

Well… yes they do heat your pool. Not very efficiently but the do heat your pool. A solar pool heating blanket is cheaper and much more effective way of heating your pool. They work on the same principle as the solar sun rings but they have air bubbles separating the top layer from the water. This greatly reduces the wind chill factor and heat loss due to evaporation.
A cheap way to heat your pool for the short term is to use black plastic, great for a party or once off and cost peanuts from bunnings. It is not a solar pool blanket but it is a cheap knockoff.

Beware any sites offering “product review” that sell the product. Some dodgy manufacturers place false product review to boost their star rating. I do think solar sun rings are one of these companies, read all reviews and decide for yourself.

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Pool Water in Your Roof?

Only in America…

Some ideas are wonderful in concept but somewhat lacking in reality. This is one of those times. The concept of putting a heat pump in the roof cavity to use the excess heat to warm you swimming pool is a very good idea.

In reality however some factors which prevent Pools Plus Solar from pushing the idea are;

  • Putting pool water inside your roof cavity – what if it leaks?
  • The air movement inside a roof is not good, once initial air has cooled the system will lose efficiency
  • The noise of the air conditioner in your roof cavity is not “quiet” at all, similar to vacuum cleaner db rating
  • The size of the unit is not large enough for medium to large pools
  • Servicing of the unit is a nightmare and inspection is also a task
  • Many many more reasons.

I have listed a few reasons why solar pool heating or another type of pool heating is better suited and more efficient. The simple fact is pool heating has been developed over a 29 year period with many great inventions and innovations, this however is not one of them. We will continue to scour the globe in search of new and innovative pool heating ideas and list and review them on our site.