There are significant bubbles being produced in my pool.

When a solar system is turned on for the first time in the morning, you should notice that large bubbles are being produced in your pool. This is caused by water exerting pressure on the air within the solar collectors. At the conclusion of the filtration cycle that you run every day, the water should be allowed to flow back into your pool.


When I turn on my solar system, I can see a steady stream of little bubbles emerging from my pool.

This is the first indication that there is an issue with the flow. The vacuum relief valve that is located in the top right-hand corner of the solar pool collectors is drawing air in. In most cases, this happens because there is insufficient pressure to completely seal the valve. The first thing you should do is inspect your filter to see whether or not it needs to be cleaned. In eighty percent of cases, this is the root of the problem. In the event that this does not resolve the issue, it is likely that the VR valve in question has to be replaced. There is also a high possibility that the water being pushed by your pump is insufficient. Make that the variable speed on the pump is working properly. It’s possible that you need a new pump.


My swimming pool does heat.

Check to see if your solar system is active. The person who services the pool will sometimes flip the toggle switch on the solar valve to turn it off, but then they will forget to turn it back on again. For solar heating to be effective, the weather conditions must be favourable. It’s possible that your control system has to be serviced. It is not unusual for a control sensor to malfunction and need replacement when this happens. In the event that you have a time clock but there is a power failure, the solar system will not heat up since the filtration cycle takes place in the evening.


My solar has a leak.

Most of the time, this is caused by a loose hose clamp or a worn out O ring, both of which may be easily fixed. There is also the possibility that the solar collector has a hole, in which case you will need a splicer or a plug. Spitting water is a sign that the VR valve is not closing properly. It’s possible that the VR valve has to be changed.


When the solar system is not operating, I can hear water being pumped up to the system.

Each and every system has a total of two check valves. The check valve that is supposed to be on the return side is not functioning properly. It need maintenance or replacement immediately.


There is a white powder that keeps getting into my pool.

It is necessary to do maintenance or replacement work on the check valve that is placed after the filter. When the solar system empties each day after the pump is turned off, this valve is supposed to prevent water from flowing backwards through the filter and clogging it up. DE, or “white power,” is a medium that is included inside your filter and is responsible for collecting dirt.


The solar panels have developed a leak, and/or there is a mysterious dark substance in my swimming pool.

This is most likely carbon from old pool heating systems. If you system is older than 10 years it may need an inspection.


My roof is making a pounding sound when there is a storm outside.

The solar collectors are mounted to the roof, and it is possible that they need maintenance at the point where they connect to the roof. It is recommended that servicing be performed every 5-8 years in order to conduct an evaluation of the complete system, including roof attachments.