Pool Heating Services

Pools Plus Solar provides solar pool heating, gas heaters and electric heat pumps to all regions of Perth and Western Australia. With 13 years experience in both residential and commercial swimming pool heating we can build a system to suit your individual needs. At Pools Plus Solar we only provide and install the highest quality pool heating systems available and continually  strive to improve every facet of pool heating installations. Many years of research and development have lead us to build the most reliable solar pool heating system in Australia, utilising only Australian manufacturers with proven track records and products.


ascon ms3d solar controllerSolar pool heating makes up the majority of swimming pool heating systems in Perth, as they are effective for 6 months of the year without a blanket and up to 8 months with a blanket. Solar pool heating in Perth allows families to swim in their pool at a temperature that best suits them. This is due to the fact Western Australia is blessed with many fine and hot days through spring, summer and autumn to effectively heat your pool to the high 20’s and even low 30’s (if that is how you like it). Over the last 13 years, Pools Plus Solar has worked with Australia’s  largest solar pool heating manufacturer, Boss Solar, who have been producing solar equipment for over 22 years. With improvement in technology (such as the replacement of EPDM with PVC Nitrile) we have continued to improve our product to ensure it is the best solar pool heating money can buy. READ MORE to find out why we are the best in the industry.


Viron Gas Pool Heater PerthGas Pool Heaters are effective, but expensive to operate. They are ideal for quickly heating the pool when guests or children are visiting, or for a second home where the pool is not heated on a regular basis. Gas Heaters are generally over-sized and can easily maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather all year round. It is also an ideal heater for a spa and will heat the spa in record time. READ MORE

Heat Pump

Astral Heat PumpFor those who would like their pool heated for the 6-8 months of the year, yet lack the roof space for a solar system, a Heat Pump is the recommended method. It is also the preferred method for therapy or athletic trainers due to a reliable constant temperature for up to 9 months of the year.  A heat Pump, when over sized, can maintain any desired pool temperature between 25 – 30 degrees all year round at the lowest possible running cost. For small to medium sized swimming pools heat pumps provide a genuine alternative to solar pool heating with similar installation price and very reasonable running costs. READ MORE

The Pools Plus Solar Difference

  • Australian Made Solar Matting, Manifolds, Grommets, Vac Release Valves, PVC Pipe and Controller
  • Expert Advice
  • Astral Solar Pump
  • Ascon Advanced Controllers (no roof sensor)
  • Installers have a minimum with 10 years experience
  • All Installers have National Police Clearance.
  • Australian and  New Zealand Made Heat Pumps
  • Australian Made Gas Heaters
  • Longest Warranties Available In The Industry
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