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FREQUENTLY ASKED SOLAR POOL HEATING QUESTIONS How efficiently does solar power heat a pool?   Solar energy is simply another option for heating your pool. A well built solar pool system is capable of producing the same outcomes as other fuels. On days when you can comfortably lounge in a bathing suit poolside, but the water is too cold to swim, solar energy may heat your pool to a reasonable swimming temperature.   How does a solar pool heater function simply?   Using the pump that pumps pool water through the filter, the water is automatically redirected via the solar collector's numerous tiny passageways. During its passage through the collector, solar energy is heated. This heated water is then returned directly to the pool. When the appropriate comfort level has been attained, the water skips the solar collector and returns directly to the pool.   Must solar collectors face due directly North?   Perhaps [...]



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Solar pool heating is one of the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient methods for heating a swimming pool. Supreme Heating provides unique, high-quality solar pool heating solutions to Australian homeowners.   Natural deterioration can lead solar pool heating systems to leak over time, resulting in a bill that might cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are a lot of quick, simple, and affordable DIY fixes.   If you've seen a reduction in your pool's water level or if the water temperature is never warm enough, there may be a problem with your system. The most typical reasons for water leaks are damage to the absorbers or manifold system.   The bulk of solar heating difficulties are caused by plant growth, vermin, hailstorms, and even prolonged exposure to the sun.   You may repair the strip collectors and manifold without replacing the complete solar pool heating system by following these steps:   1) Check for [...]



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A CONCISE GUIDE TO DIAGNOSING AND FIXING PROBLEMS WITH ANY SOLAR POOL HEATING SYSTEM There are significant bubbles being produced in my pool. When a solar system is turned on for the first time in the morning, you should notice that large bubbles are being produced in your pool. This is caused by water exerting pressure on the air within the solar collectors. At the conclusion of the filtration cycle that you run every day, the water should be allowed to flow back into your pool.   When I turn on my solar system, I can see a steady stream of little bubbles emerging from my pool. This is the first indication that there is an issue with the flow. The vacuum relief valve that is located in the top right-hand corner of the solar pool collectors is drawing air in. In most cases, this happens because there is insufficient pressure to completely seal [...]



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Installing a solar pool heater may drastically lower the cost of heating a swimming pool. They are competitively priced with both gas and heat pump pool heaters and have extremely low yearly running expenses. In some areas, solar pool heating is one of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy. How They Operate The majority of solar pool heating systems include: A solar collector is the device that circulates pool water via which it is heated by the sun. A visual representation of a solar panel. Each end of the panel has a tube, and arrows indicate the flow through one tube, across the panel, and out the other tube, which is designated the header/manifold. A filter — eliminates particles from water before it is pushed through the collector. A pump — returns water to the pool after passing it through the filter and collection. A flow control valve is an automated or manual [...]



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If you have your own pool in the backyard, you are sure to be the envy of all of your neighbours, friends, and family. But how much would solar pool heating set you back if that's something you're interested in? Does the prospect of going for a swim in your pool seem less appealing when the temperature outside drops? At that point, a homeowner may become more receptive to the concept of solar heating. We take a look at the many aspects of it, including the price, how it operates, and how it stacks up against other pool-heating choices. What exactly is solar pool heating, and how does it function in a swimming pool? The process of heating the water in a swimming pool using energy from the sun that is captured and then transferred to the water is known as solar pool heating. The procedure is analogized by the manufacturer Boss Solar as [...]



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The summer is over, and with it, I assume all of your pool parties have come to an end. Hold up a second! Despite the fact that those balmy and sunny days are (temporarily) becoming a thing of the past, this does not imply that you cannot continue to take pleasure in swimming in your pool. And if you want to enjoy some fun in the pool when it's not the right season, having a solar pool warmer on hand is the best way to do it. The following are six advantages that come along with having a solar pool heater.   Solar heaters allow you to swim longer into the year Fifteen percent of adults and thirty-six percent of children and adolescents between the ages of seven and seventeen swim at least six times each year. The majority of these swims take place during the warm summer months, which means that the typical [...]

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Solar Sun Rings

July 25th, 2013|

Once again we are talking about new solar pool heating ideas. In the case it is the Solar Sun Rings. These have been around for a few years now with different manufacturers now selling different styles. They are all essentialluy the same, a plastic ring wrapped in plastic. Do they work? Well... yes they do heat your pool. Not very efficiently but the do heat your pool. A solar pool heating blanket is cheaper and much more effective way of heating your pool. They work on the same principle as the solar sun rings but they have air bubbles separating the top layer from the water. This greatly reduces the wind chill factor and heat loss due to evaporation. A cheap way to heat your pool for the short term is to use black plastic, great for a party or once off and cost peanuts from bunnings. It is not a solar pool blanket [...]

Pool Water in Your Roof?

July 25th, 2013|

Only in America... Some ideas are wonderful in concept but somewhat lacking in reality. This is one of those times. The concept of putting a heat pump in the roof cavity to use the excess heat to warm you swimming pool is a very good idea. In reality however some factors which prevent Pools Plus Solar from pushing the idea are; Putting pool water inside your roof cavity - what if it leaks? The air movement inside a roof is not good, once initial air has cooled the system will lose efficiency The noise of the air conditioner in your roof cavity is not "quiet" at all, similar to vacuum cleaner db rating The size of the unit is not large enough for medium to large pools Servicing of the unit is a nightmare and inspection is also a task Many many more reasons. I have listed a few reasons why solar pool heating [...]

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How to Repair a Pool Solar Heating System

June 19th, 2013|

Pool solar systems are predominantly strip matting systems in Western Australia which can be repaired and patched. Solar panels from the USA and other countries are much harder to repair and generally will need to be replaced. All leaks to pool heating need to be repaired ASAP to prevent damage from the pools chlorinated and salt water. This guide is to advise on how to repair an australian made solar pool heating system. Repair a Leak in the Solar Matting The solar matting is the long flexible strip made from either PVC or EPDM. If it is EPDM it will blacken the hands when touched, pvc will not. Each strip will have between 5 and 18 tubes per strip and will be either 10 cm wide or 15 cm wide For both types cut  20 cm along the length of the tube needing repair, separating it from the rest of the matting. Then slice [...]

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3 Reasons to Have a Solar Blanket

August 7th, 2012|

One thing every homeowner knows is that a pool is not cheap in any way. After buying a pool, the next step is to enhance the pool with different add-ons to make it more enjoyable. Among all the add-ons you can have to enhance your pool, a solar blanket is the best of them. Three reasons to get a pool blanket include; Extending the Swimming Season The primary reason why you should consider having a solar blanket is to heat your pool and maintain a comfortable 28 degree Celsius temperature 3 months of the year. If you have heard about pool heating systems, you might already know how they can cost $1,000′s . Solar blanket is a pool heating option which is very cheap, yet effective and can extend the swimming season for up to 2 months. A solar blanket is used on the pool to cover it. By using a solar blanket, the [...]