One thing every homeowner knows is that a pool is not cheap in any way. After buying a pool, the next step is to enhance the pool with different add-ons to make it more enjoyable. Among all the add-ons you can have to enhance your pool, a solar blanket is the best of them. Three reasons to get a pool blanket include;

Extending the Swimming Season

The primary reason why you should consider having a solar blanket is to heat your pool and maintain a comfortable 28 degree Celsius temperature 3 months of the year. If you have heard about pool heating systems, you might already know how they can cost $1,000′s . Solar blanket is a pool heating option which is very cheap, yet effective and can extend the swimming season for up to 2 months.
A solar blanket is used on the pool to cover it. By using a solar blanket, the heat from the sun is absorbed and transferred into the water. When temperatures drop during the day or overnight, the swimming pool retains its temperature and is comfortable to swim in due to the insulation properties of the pool blanket.
Even when you get a pool heating system installed in your home, it is recommended to have a solar blanket to reduce its running costs. Mostly all the pool heating systems run from electricity or gas. Even a solar heating system uses electricity to power the pump which drives the water to the collector. Hence, when you use solar blanket, you will need to use these systems at a minimum as the heat will be trapped and retained inside the pool.

Reducing Evaporation

During the hot season in Perth when temperatures soar, water from the swimming pool evaporates. And so, homeowners have to top up the levels every week. This can be really costly and can put a strain on the environment too. Using solar blankets can reduce up to 90% of the evaporation.

Easy Cleaning Of the Pool

Pool blankets reduce debris in the water and therefore reduces chemicals needed to oxidise the debris. They also reduce chlorine consumption and make it easier to keep your pool balanced.
Pools Plus Solar is a renowned company that sells high quality solar blankets to the people in Perth for the last 10 years. With a combination of a solar blanket along with a highly efficient pool heating system, you can make your swimming pool season proof and enjoy swimming throughout the year.