Gas Pool Heaters Perth

If you are looking to heat your swimming pool all year round in Perth, there is only one choice…Gas Heating. It is the only heating source that can produce enough KW of energy, independent of climate, to heat a pool all year long. The majority of small to medium sized commercial swimming pools use gas to ensure a 28°C temperature all year round, some in conjunction with existing solar pool heating. Such an example is the Observation Rise Apartments in Scarborough, using both solar and gas in combination to reduce running costs and ensure year round comfort.

Suitable Pools

Gas pool heating systems are ideal for indoor pools, commercial pools and any pool needing to be heating 24/7.  They are also ideal as a booster to extend the swimming season by as long is you like. Coupled with a blanket, a gas pool heater can be heat you pool when you want it to be heated, well outside of the usual swimming season.  Gas pool heaters can also be added to existing solar pool heating systems to provide year round warmth.

Range of Gas Pool Heaters Available.

Hurlcon Astral produce a range of gas pool heaters to suit every pool. From the HX (baby of the range) all the way to their commercial heaters quality is ensured. Only the finest components are used to produce Australia’s favourite pool gas heating system. Hurlcon Astral has been manufacturing gas pool heaters in Australia for over 20 years. It has become the largest supplier of gas pool heating products in the southern hemisphere. A Hurlcon gas heater is built to last from Colorbond®, with a life expectancy of 10+ years and a range of sizes to suit all needs. So if you are in the market for heating a fast and reliable gas pool heater that will stand the test of time, call us today.

HX Gas Pool Heater


The HX gas heater is suitable for spa’s and small pools. It is a compact unit that can be install indoors and out. It is the most economical to purchase and has no moving parts. This is the most popular gas heater for pools and spa’s in Australia. The design has not changed in 10 years, a testament to it’s quality.

HX Gas Pool Heater Brochure

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The JX series gas heater was the first internal combustion pool gas heater on the market in Australia. The small footprint on this heater and reduced clearances required it is ideal for confined spaces and courtyards. With fan forced combustion JX units are also 10% more efficient than traditional gas pool heaters.

JX Gas Pool Heater Brochure

hinrg gas pool heater


Astral commercial gas heaters are in a class of their own.  They are large enough to heat any sized pool in minimal time. Commercial gas pool heaters are very quiet and are suitable for apartment complex’s and area’s where noise is a factor. Low maintenance and a long life expectancy make them a popular choice.

HiNRG Gas Pool Heater Brochure

viron gas pool heater small


Viron is the most efficient gas pool heater ever built.  It runs at a staggering 97% efficiency to ensure the lowest running cost of possible.  It has one multiple awards for its compact size, and even more awards for it’s eco-fficiency.  If you are after the most technological gas pool heating system their is only one choice.

Viron Gas Pool Heater Brochure

Features of Astral Gas Pool Heaters

  • Digital Display

    Easy to read and use LCD display. Touch button controls, very simple to use.

  • High Efficiency

    Astral produce the worlds most efficient gas pool heaters, including the Viron which runs at up to an incredible 97% efficiency.

  • Small Footprint

    Gas heaters are the smallest pool heating system available, with wall mount and floor mounts models to choose from.

  • Maintenance Free

    No moving parts to break, no ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Fastest Heat Up Time

    The fastest heat up time of any pool heating, sometimes less than 4 hours from cold.

  • Whisper Quiet

    Gas Pool Heaters make no noise and are perfect for quiet environments such as apartment complexes and hotels.

If you require a price for a Hurlcon / Astral gas pool heater installed, give us a call.

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Check out the SPASA – Gas Heating Info for more details