USA Made Solar Pool Heating Panels

Solar pool heating panels have been sold and installed in Western Australia for over 20 years. Many different companies have come and gone with products that gave solar panels a bad reputation. That is why Pools Plus Solar only sell and recommend Techno Solis solar pool heating panels. Made in the USA to the strictest of standards, Techno Solis panels contain 35% more polypropylene and UV stabilizers than any other panel. This extends the life expectancy of the pool heating panels in Perth’s extreme UV climate.

Solar Pool Heating Panel Advantages

Solar pool heating panels have been used in the USA for over 30 years. The only real advantage of solar panels over Australian made matting is the ability to install on highly pitched roofs with a slightly smaller footprint. Another situation that solar pool heating panels are advantageous is when roofs are not structurally sound making flexible matting impossible to install. Solar pool heating panels are rigid and therefore “cockatoo proof”, although in Perth this is not an issue.

The Techno Solis Advantage

Built to Last

With 35% more polypropylene and UV stabilizers than any other panel on the market, these panels are built tough and perfectly suited to high UV ratings. The entire panel is extruded in a single part, thus eliminating weak points in the collector to pipe. This is the reinforced to further increase strength and prevent cracking.These panels are so tough you can walk on them with no fear of damage.

solar panel mold
flat solar panel

Low Wind Chill

Flat solar pool heating panels prevent build up of leaves and other debris.  Another advantage is reduced wind chill factor making them more efficient in windy areas.

Premium Quality Fixings

Self tensioning mounting straps are far superior to simple s/s clips screwed to the roof. Design to last 20 years or more, these clips are a real advancement in attaching solar pool heating panels to roofs.

solar panel straps