Australian Made Solar Pool Matting


Solar Pool Heating Install - Mullaloo

Solar Pool Heating Install – Mullaloo

Solar pool heating has been utilised in Australia since 1974. It was not until the late 80’s that it started to become popular in Perth. Originally made from EPDM it has developed into many different products. The product we choose to use for solar pool matting is PVC Nitrile as it has the longest life expectancy of up to 20 years and has the highest heat transfer rate of any flexible matting. Boss Solar has been manufacturing solar pool heating in Mulgrave, Victoria for 22+ years and offers a 10 year manufacturers warranty on all their products. Pools Plus Solar have been working in partnership with Boss Solar and others such as Sika Sealants, Hurlcon and Sunlover Solar Pool Heating to bring you the most efficient and reliable solar pool heating system available. It is our commitment to work with only the largest companies in their industries, producing the highest quality products to ensure your peace of mind and offer a 10 year warranty on all parts on your roof.

Why our solar pool heating systems are superior

Pools Plus Solar have research solar pool heating for over 10 years with a commitment to finding the best products available. What we have found is a solar pool heating system only needs one week point to fail. What we did was eliminate all weak points. For example

  • Solar Matting


    PVC Nitrile is the most reliable solar heating collector material due to it’s resistance to chemicals and UV degradation. With a life expectancy of 15+ years and a 10 year guarantee, PVC Nitrile solar matting is the best money can buy. Others, such as EPDM or Thermoplastics, can be prone to early failure (7-8 years, sometimes sooner) as chlorine and Perth’s extreme UV destroy lesser products.

  • Solar Manifolds

    solar pool heating manifoldAll solar matting systems use “manifolds” to connect the flexible matting to the PVC pipe. What we use is a 10 in to 1 single part injection molded Luran S manifold made by Sunlover. The logic behind this is Luran S, the material the solar manifold is made from, has the highest UV and chemical stability on the market, and the shape allows for protection of the grommet joining the manifold to the PVC.

  • Solar Silicone

    sika-ap-solar-heating-siliconeWhen it comes to silicone there is only one word to know Sika. Proven over many years as the leader in sealants and adhesives, Sika provides all our silicone to attach matting to the roof. Once we tried Sika there was no going back.

  • Fixings

    ss-screw_pEvery component we use in the solar pool heating installation is designed to last the life of the system. Fixings such as marine grade S/S screws, closed aluminium rivets, polypropelene clamps and galvenised metal clamps are used to prevent any movement for the life of the system.

Universal Parts

Many parts in solar pool heating are used on both paneled and matting systems. Solar pool pumps and controllers are the universal as are the fixings, silicone, pipework and fittings. Australian made products are used where possible such as PVC pipes, solar controllers, clamps and valves. For all other products leading brands are used to ensure quality of every products. Companies such as Sika, Buildex and Pipemaker are our preferred supplier for adhesives, fixings and PVC.