Solar Pool Heating Controllers

Pools Plus Solar have two types of solar pool heating controllers available. Both are manufactured in Australia by Ascon Pool Controls and have been for over 20 years. Pools Plus solar have used Ascon solar controllers for over 7 years with wonderful results. They continue to lead the way in pool controls and pool heating controls with the development of advance solar controllers and all in one pool heating controls that control filtration, lights and heating. Their controllers are accurate to within .3 of a degree and are built to survive Perth’s harsh climate.

advanced solar controller 1

Solar Pool Heating

Our standard solar controller are very simple to use with only two temperature sensors controlling the operation. Set the temperature with the “+” and “-” buttons and the controller does the rest. One sensor in the pipe in front of the solar pump and one on your roof. If your roof is 7 degrees Celsius warmer than the pool it will switch on, up until it is equal to the temperature you set, at which point it will switch off the pump.

Solar Pool Heating

Our advanced solar controllers are the most efficient solar controller available. The unit switches on the solar pump and takes readings from the pool water and the water returning from the solar heating to the pool. This is much more accurate than a general roof temperature. We commonly replace competitor companies solar controllers with our advanced model to increase pool temperatures and reduce running time. The biggest advantage is no need for a wire to be run underground to the roof, as this is prone being damaged over time and sensor replacement (if necessary) is a very simple one minute job.

solar controller standard2