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Heat Pump Install – Greenwood

Heat Pumps are a wonderful alternative to solar pool heating with a longer working time and guaranteed temperature in cooler months.  Running costs are less than half of the gas pool heaters and can be installed in areas gas is not available.  They can heat a pool when the outside temperature is as low as 17°C and 70% humidity, something solar is unable to do. Heat pumps vary in price greatly depending on the quality and country of manufacture.

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Heat Pumps We Sell

At Pools Plus Solar we only use Astral and Oasis heat pumps for three reasons.

  1. The warranty is the best in the business, up to 10 years.
  2. The sound rating is as low as 51db which is the quietest heat pump on the market.
  3. They are manufactured in Australia and New Zealand

Advantages of a Heat Pump

oasis pool heat pumpHeat pumps are effectively a large reverse cycle air conditioning system with a heat exchange for the pool water. The efficiency of a heat pump minimises running costs and is cheaper to run than a gas pool heaters, however are limited to the outside ambient air temperature. Heat pumps provide a great alternative to solar pool heating without the need to put black strips on the roof and a more constant pool temperature.

Both Astral and Oasis heat pumps produce more than 5 times the heat energy than the energy used to run them.  This is called a co-efficiency of performance.  A higher outside temperature, the higher the C.O.P (co-efficiency of performance) and the less it costs to run.

All of our heat pumps include the following features;
  •  Automated Controls – Simply program your desired pool water temperature and let the heat pump do the rest.
  • Titanium Heat Exchange – A Titanium Heat Exchange offers total protection against erosion and corrosion and 10 year warranty.
  • Scroll Compressor – Quieter and more efficient and reliable than piston or rotary types.
  • Quality Enclosure Powder coated and ABS enclosure built to be outdoors in Perth’s climate.
  • 10 Year Warranty on Heat Exchange
  • 2 Year In Home Warranty

A swimming pool heat pump is a great heating option based on Perth’s lovely weather.  It can greatly extend the swimming pool season at a reasonable price. For more information on the products follow the logo links at the top of the page or download the brochures below.

Oasis Pool Heat Pump Brochure

Astral Pool Heat Pump Brochure

Heat Pump Calculator

Check out the SPASA – Heat Pump Info for more details