Solar Pool Heating Pump

Solar Pool Heating Pump

Astral solar pool pumps are engineered to pruduce maximum flow with minuimum pressure to the system. At pools Plus Solar we have been installing these pumps for over 10 years with confidence. It is a high quality pump suitable for pool filtration that is also perfect for solar heating. We strictly supply Astral pumps because it is the only pump on the market that we trust. We have tried many suitable manufacturer solar pumps over our 12 year existance and have exclusivly used astral for over 7 years.

Astral Solar Pool Pump Features

Astral Eco pool pumps include features and quality simply not seen in pumps at this price. Some of these features include:

  • Run Dry Resistant

    Wet End The front of the solar pump made from Glass Noryl is highly resistant to damage due to lack of water flow or “run dry”. While other pumps simply melt and warp when a problem occurs, ¬†Astral just keep working. This is a testament to the quality of manufacturing Astral strives to achieve.

  • Thermal Overload

    Built in Thermal overload to prevent any damage from over heating or runnign dry.

  • Finned Motor

    Aluminium fins are built in to help keep the motor cool and extend life expectancy.

  • Largest Wetend

    With the largest wetend available the eco series never fails to prime and never requires cleaning.

  • Super Quiet

    Rated at only 57db the eco is whisper quiet and won’t disturb your neighbours.

  • Worry

    Free Warranty The pump comes with a two year in fioled warranty which means they come to your home for repair, fantastic after sales service.